About Dina

Dina has lived in the Central Florida area since the early 1970's and considers Florida
her "Home State".

She is a wife and mother of two sons.

For the past 15 years, Dina has dedicated her life to the beautification of Central
Florida as a public speaker and educator. She has been involved in pageantry since her
first win in 1972.

She has participated in over 200 runway shows and has been a professional model for
over 25 years.

Dina was Mrs. Florida United States 2003 and placed 3rd at Nationals with a perfect
interview score. This year, Dina is proud to be representing all of the married women
in America as Mrs. All American 2008. She was awarded a 100% score in all areas of
competition from all five attending judges.

As a cancer survivor, Dina has worked with the Susan B. Komen Foundation starting her
own team called "Queens for the Cure" and "Brides against Breast Cancer" as a national

Since 2001, Dina has owned and operated "Faces 2 Di 4" located in Altamonte Springs,

She enjoys working as an MC and as a Stand-Up comedian for charity events. Dina's
career in the theater has spanned over three decades and she has never lost her love
of the stage.

She is licensed as an Aesthetician, Makeup Artist, Personal Trainer and Teacher.
Faces 2 Di 4
Healthy looking skin should not be solely associated with youth. A healthy
skin texture is the result of proper cellular renewal within an ideal
environment, as well as an epidermis which has been constantly nourished
with safe and effective products.

Over the years, the skin is exposed to the sun's harmful rays and to
numerous pollutants. Faces 2 Di 4's deep-skin cleansing permits a better
reception of skin treatment products and consequently ensures an
excellent performance level of your skin.

Since the beginning of time, people have relentlessly pursued the secret of
younger looking skin. Cleopatra bathed in sour milk and ladies of the French
courts applies aged wine to their faces to keep their skin smooth and
blemish free.

It is a medically proven fact that the high concentrations of Alpha Hydroxy
Acid, Glycolic Acid and natural organic based products impact the quality
and appearance of skin.
About Faces 2 Di 4 Skin Care
About Faces 2 Di 4 Finishing
We believe that every young lady should have an equal oppertunity to
reach her full potential.

That with the proper training, and encouragement, and positive attitude
she will be able to receive Perfect 10's and reach for the stars.

At Faces 2 Di 4 we practice what we teach. Di has partcipated in over
100 runway shows, including, XOXO, DKNY, Peppermint Bay , Urban
Safari, and many more.

We Offer: Interview Skills, Public Speaking, Gown Presentation, Talent,
Memory Training, Modeling, Photo posing, hair and make-up application,
and much MORE!!