Interview Suits
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Criscione Pant Suit
Sporty Red Pantsuit w/ gold buttons.
Excellent arrival outfit! Size 8P

Today's Price: $125
Peacock yellow Banu suit. Size 8,
never altered. Great for arrival or
personal appearance Original price
$400. On sale now for $225
Purple Suede-like suit. Great for any
age. Size 8. Original purchase price
$325. Asking now only $125.
Pink interview suit, size 8 with crystals
and pearls. Needs a few pearls
replaced and some dry-cleaning.
Perfect for Mrs. or Elite divisions.
Great color for ANY skin tone and cut
to flatter all figures. Lots of room in the
arms for extra comfort. Skirt hits right
above the knee. Ladies, this is a skirt
you can sit in. $200
Aldolfo Suit. Perfect for judging or
personal appearance. Beige with
chocolate trim. Matching Pearlescent
buttons with "antique" gold trim. $200